Plated jewellery and jewellery parts
We recommend you to you to take off your jewellery before you go to sleep, take a bath, perform hard physical work or similar, as this exposes the jewellery for excessive wear. The warranty does not cover normal use or discolouration.

Make up
Avoid contact with makeup, creams and perfumes. The chemicals in makeup, creams and perfumes can stain or otherwise damage your jewellery. Spray always e.g. perfume first and let it dry on your skin before you put on your jewellery.

Avoid wearing jewellery when bathing, showering or washing dishes.
Chlorine and salt water
Remember that jewellery should not come in contact with chlorine or salt water, as this makes the surface dull and lack lustre.
Pour a dash of mild detergent in warm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean the jewellery. If it is difficult to remove the dirt, you can put the piece to soak in lukewarm water. Never rub hard with a cloth or sponge, as it wears of the plating. Wipe gently with a towel and let the piece air dry.
 Discolored metal
One problem with plated and silver jewellery is that the substances we secrete from the skin can cause discolouring of  the metal. How much is individually from person to person. Most of us do not have that problem, but if you have the experience that your jewellery quickly becomes black or colours your skin green, you can coat the metal parts with transparent nail polish which gives a good protection!
Plated details can change colour at intensive use. The plating wears off and the metal can shine through.
Please keep your jewellery in a cloth bag or jewellery box. Never store them in the bathroom because the humidity can affect the metal parts.
Briefly Care
Do not take a shower with jewellery on.
Always take put on your jewellery last in the morning and take it of first in the evening.
Wash gently without rubbing
Store in small bags. Not in the bathroom
Care for stainless steel jewelry
Stainless steel is a very durable material and therefore you don't need to be as careful with it as jewellery made of gold, silver or plated.
Stainless steel Jewellery does not discolour because steel does not oxidize. In other words,stainless steel jewellery is very easy to maintain and can withstand almost anything.
You can even keep your stainless steel jewellery on  whilst bathing or showering. To wear your stainless steel jewellery in a pool with chlorine or the salty sea should be avoided.
If your stainless steel jewellery becomes dirty, you can easily clean it with a mild detergent such as soap and water. Usually it is enough to clean the jewellery with warm water and polish it with a towel to be clean and regain its lustre.
Care instructions for glass jewelery.
Our glass jewellery is made of high quality materials and annealed to withstand most things. It is not affected by water, make up or detergent and colours don't change in sunlight.
Depending on the metal parts our glass is combined with, we recommend treating the jewellery as recommended above.
Among our collections, we have also some jewellery to which we have added metals and minerals on top of the glass. Although these have been fused with the glass at high temperatures, they are more sensitive than our other glass jewellery. Some chemicals, salt water or chlorinated water can affect the surface, which is why we recommend to treat them according to the silver / plated recommendations above.
What you should consider when buying leather goods is that they do not tolerate much water.
Washing hands with a leather bracelet or little rain doesn't do any harm. What you should avoid is to completely submerge the leather in water by bathing or showering. The leather can shrink slightly and become discoloured.
Should your leather product become dirty, you can wet a cloth with soap and water and wipe away the dirt. Afterwards, it is good if you treat the leather with any kind of leather grease or leather conditioner. Leather is a natural material which changes colour and just really becomes more beautiful by wearing it.