Below you can see our different necklaces and Cords.
  Our chains are of the highest quality Stainless Steel, 304 or 316L. Both varieties are allergy safe according to E.U. Standard.
  Our cords are made of waxed cotton of the highest quality, pleasant to wear and allergy safe.
A. Silver Plated Chain                      B.Waxed Cotton Cord                     C. Waxed Cotton Cord  
1,2 mm 45 cm                                  1,3 mm 45 and 50 cm                    Custumized 1,5 mm 50-80 cm
A. Silver Plated Chain 1,2 mm  45 cm    
 D.Stainless Steel Chain 316L              E.Stainless Steel Chain 304         F.Stainless Steel Chain 316L 
    1,5 mm 40, 45, 50, 60 cm               1,2 mm 40,45,50 cm                  2,0 mm 50 cmm
 G. Figaro Stainless Steel 316            H. Rubber 2 mm
 4,5 mm Custum made 45-80 cm       Custum Made 40-120 cm