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All glassware is handmade in our studio from mainly hand-made glass of the highest quality. The colours originates from reflexes in ultrafine metal layers which are fused together with the glass.Each metal reflects only a small part of the light spectrum, so by combining different metals we get different colors / effects.

Each layer of glass is coated with 15-50 layers of metal, and in our advanced jewelry there are up to seven layers of glass with a total of up to 300 layers of metal in different levels. 

All glass parts are anealed. This means that the glass is fired once more in a special procedure, which takes away all the tension and stress from the glass. This creates a piece of jewelry which is very strong and will not crack.

All findings we are using are nickel and lead-safe according to EU standards. 

The glue we are using is an environmentally friendly adhesive that dries slowly and offers a unique elastic joint that acts as a shock absorber . It is extremely unusual that any joint loosens. If this happenes, please return the jewelry with the loose parts to us, and we will  repair your jewelry without cost (except cost for mail) and return it as soon as possible.



Readymade jewelry in oven



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