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Glass jewelry prepered for the ovenIn our studio we are using a combination between dichroic glass, art glass and metal to create handmade, unique, fused glass jewelry. The amazing brilliance of Dichroic glass is achieved by vaporizing metallic oxide onto glass sheets in a controlled vacuum. Multiple layers of the treated glass create the dazzling colors. The effect is stunning and the glass jewelry is possibly the most wonderful fused glass jewelry  you'll have ever seen, full of light and color. All our jewelry is hand-crafted and fused in special glass kilns.


 Depending of the desired effect, we put up to seven different layers of glass together, and then fire the items up to four times in the oven. After fusing the material together, we grind, fire-polish and anneal the piece to get abeautiful and unique jewelry of highest quality.This makes the difference to many other glass jewelry products. The Dichroic glass and other glass we are using is carefully selected for quality and color.

All our findings are nickel, lead and chrome-safe ref. to EU regulations.
Due to the handmade nature of the glass, no two pieces are quite the same so you can be sure you're wearing something unique. We try our best to photograph the items as close to reality as possible, but this colorful jewelry is complicated to reproduce correctly in an image. The color you will see also depends on your monitor's performance and color reproduction. Therefore minor variations could exist between the image and how the jewelry looks in "real" life.






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